Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel - Cat Services

Cats Luv Us provides cat boarding to your cat when you are away from home or if you are unable to administer medication. We provide close personal attention to make your cat comfortable and safe.  We ask that you bring in your own food and we will follow your feeding routine.

If your cat needs medication, feel confident that their medication will be given properly and at the appropriate time. We give insulin injections to diabetic cats as needed. We request that you bring your cat’s medications along for boarding.

Each cat staying in our facility must have the FRCP vaccination (feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia) within the last three years.

Our rooms are clean, sanitary, and odor free. We disinfect all room surfaces in between check-outs.  We provide soft cat beds, clean cushions, and hypoallergenic towels for your cat’s comfort. Bedding and cages are cleaned at least twice daily and more if needed.

Our rooms are secure and prevent contact between separated cat guests.  We do provide up to 3 adjoining rooms for extra space or cat families.  Our rooms do not have any dangerous objects, harmful chemicals, or anything that your cat might swallow.

If your cat that gets sick for any reason during boarding, they are examined by one our on call veterinarians. In case of illness, we will contact you using the emergency information provided when your pet is checked in upon arrival.

We provide close personal attention to your cat to keep them happy and healthy. We monitor each cat multiple times each day.  

Call Us For These Cat Services Rates:

FVRCP Vaccination

Pick up/delivery to or from OC Airport

Pick up/delivery to or from LAX

Fluids: each time

Insulin: per injection

Pills/eye drops, etc.: each time

Nail Clips and Cat Bath's:

Application of Advantage