FACT: Cats and dogs should not be mixed together in pet boarding hotel.  The best place for your cat is a cats only cat boarding facility when you are traveling or your home is under construction is at a cats only boarding facility. Do no board your cat where they can smell dogs, hear dogs, … Read more

Stray Cat Changes Homeless Musician’s Life Forever

I Watched this video about how Bob the Cat was saved and nursed back to health by James Bowen, a homeless man. I thought you would like it too! Bob and James changed each other’s lives forever. What an amazing relationship these two have! 

6 Reasons To Use The Best Cat Grooming Service

Looking For The Best Cat Grooming Service? Here are 6 reasons to use Cats Luv Us Cat Boarding & Cat Grooming in the city of Laguna Niguel in Orange County, CA 1. Certain Medical Conditions that Require Special Care There are certain medical conditions in cats such as feline diabetes that can cause cats to have … Read more

Top Cat Kennel Near Me

Top Cat Kennel Near Me

Here is why Cats Luv Us Cat Boarding Hotel is the Top Cat Kennel Near Me Why is Cats Luv us Boarding Hotel the Best Cat Kennel? Are you going out of town for the weekend? For an extended period of time?  Making sure your feline companion is well cared for while you’re away is … Read more

Top 11 Reasons To Use Cats Luv Us For Long Term Cat Boarding

Sometimes we feel like we can’t leave home because there is no long term cat boarding solution near by that we are aware of.  You’ve never heard of a place where cat experts can watch your cat for the long term.   Whether you’re going away for a quick weekend getaway or a long business trip, … Read more

About The Best Cat Kennel Near Me

Here are 4 reasons why I believe that Cat Luv Us Boarding Hotel is the best cat kennel near me. – By Sophie J. These days, a lot of people cancel their holiday trips because of their cats; traveling with them can be so tedious. Normally, a cat kennel is the perfect solution to this … Read more


Our Cat Boarding Hotel BOOK NOW [URIS id=53] Read Jac C.‘s review of Cats Luv US Boarding Hotel on Yelp Subscribe To Our Cat Care Tips And Coupons Cat Boarding Exclusively for Cats We offer superior care and personalized attention. We are the Orange County’s finest cat boarding hotel. Boarding two or three cats? Bedrooms … Read more