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Our Cat Hotel Provide's Long Term Cat Boarding and Short Term Cat Sitting.

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Cat Boarding & Cat Daycare

Cats Luv Us provides cat boarding to your cat when you are away from home or if you are unable to administer medication. We provide close personal attention to make your cat comfortable and safe.  We ask that you bring in your own food and we will follow your feeding routine. 


If your cat needs medication, feel confident that their medication will be given properly and at the appropriate time. We give insulin injections to diabetic cats as needed. We request that you bring your cat’s medications along for boarding. 

On Call Veterinarian's

 If your cat that gets sick for any reason during boarding, they are examined by one our on call veterinarians. In case of illness, we will contact you using the emergency information provided when your pet is checked in upon arrival. 

Cat Health

Our rooms are clean, sanitary, and odor free. We disinfect all room surfaces in between check-outs.  We provide soft cat beds, clean cushions, and hypoallergenic towels for your cat’s comfort. Bedding and cages are cleaned at least twice daily and more if needed. 

1,2 or 3 Adjoining Rooms

 Our rooms are secure and prevent contact between separated cat guests.  We do provide up to 3 adjoining rooms for extra space or cat families.  Our rooms do not have any dangerous objects, harmful chemicals, or anything that your cat might swallow. 


 Each cat staying in our facility must have the FRCP vaccination (feline rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia) within the last three years. Proof is required before admittance.


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  1. Your cat boarding experience will be excellent.

  2. You will have peace of Mind. There’s simply no safer way to take care of your cat while you are away!

  3. Our vetted staff are the friendliest most caring cat caretakers you can find. 

  4. Our staff is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

  5. We administer medication and can handle cranky cats.

  6. If you are Boarding a cat family of 2 or more cats we have extra large adjoining cat kennels with connecting doors available.

  7. We can accommodate your schedule.

  8. Whether you need overnight cat sitting or long term boarding to accommodate a business trip, vacation or move, our professional staff will take loving care of your pets.

  9. We look forward to serving you at our cat hotel any time you need excellent short term or long term cat boarding. To learn more about our cat sitting, large cat kennels, bird aviaries and other services, please give us a call or stop by for a tour during cat daycare hours.

  10. Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel has been family owned and operated for over 20 years.

We invite you to stop by for a personal tour of our cat hotel.
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I love this place, and more importantly, @willow_the_brat LOVES this place. There is so much love & enrichment from the staff & owners here. They all love the kitties that they have stay with them. I get texts, photos and updates each and every time Willow stays here.  I couldn't ask for a better experience when I have to leave town and board my cat. The birds even seem happy and the cats are mesmerized by them. So grateful to have Cats Luv Us as my go-to place.

  • Thanks Christy, we love having Willow stay with us. She sure is a character! Plus she helps greet the other customers when they come in.  I also love the video of her drinking out of your toilet at home. That was hilarious!
Photo of Gracie F.
Gracie F.
Dana Point, CA
81 friends
96 reviews
35 photos
We are so glad we found this wonderful cat boarding hotel! For the first time ever, our cat came home and didn't howl all night after being away for a while! The place is small/medium sized,  but they made good use of the space and it is clean and friendly.  The roaming cats are adorable and super friendly and chill.  The birds don't seem to be phased by all the cats eyeing them from their spacious "condos" and is a good distraction for the boarders.  Because two of the staff own "Torties" is was especially comforting knowing they knew the breed and their crazy ways... will definitely bring her there again!
  • Thanks Gracie for your kind words.  And yes, Tortoiseshell kitties definitely are strong-willed lol I also had one when I was a child. Her name was Pepper and she was the best. We hope to see you soon in the New Year!
Photo of Susan S.
Susan S.
Laguna Niguel, CA
14 friends
4 reviews
1 photo
The best care ever! We always know our kitties are well cared for when we are away!! The cats love watching the birds that are caged in middle of room. The staff are willing to give you updates if it's your cats first time there. Very caring staff.
  • Hi Susan, we appreciate your nice review! We all know how scary it can be to leave your furbaby with someone new. We just hope that we can give you peace of mind while you're away from them. We all own cats here at Cats Luv Us and know exactly how you feel. Best wishes to you and your family in 2020!
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
0 friends
5 reviews
2 photos
We have been taking our cats to Cats Luv Us for over 20 years and they always do an outstanding job of taking care of the animals and dishing out the love. First class hotel: clean, well maintained, and lots of things for cats to watch. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Thanks David! It's nice to have reoccurring customers that put their trust and are comfort in us for the care of their furbabies and want to keep bringing their back. That is one of the best compliments we could receive.
Photo of Suzanne P.
Suzanne P.
Orange, CA
0 friends
83 reviews
3 photos
Cats luv us is an excellent place to take your cats  very nice people and friendly  and very clean they watch your cats and take great care of them .I highly recommend this place to others I always bring my cats here every vacation.
  • Thanks Suzanne. We love having Simba with us. He is such a doll! We also love watching him grow into a big fluffy guy. I remember when you first brought him in, he was such a tiny little thing. I wish they could stay that size forever.
Lara E.
Cypress, CA
1 friend
6 reviews
I called them this morning looking for a place to keep my 6 month kitten and she isn't spayed or ever been around other cats, they immediately where able to book her in an hour and dropped her off, the girls there were so sweet and helpful as well!
  • Hi Lara! I'm glad we could accommodate you. We love it when kittens come in, they're so much fun! I miss when my cats were kittens. Now they're lazy house kitties and the only time they run is when they hear the can opener 🙂
Photo of Dean M.
Dean M.
Mission Viejo, CA
32 friends
128 reviews
15 photos

My go-to place when my cat needs boarding. We've placed our cat here multiple times when traveling, or when having home renovations done. The cages are nice size (even the singles), they view out on the large room with all the other cats and attendants, plus they have birds around to keep the cats attention. If your cat is there more than a few days they get a night in the 'big' cage to stretch out and relax.

When I pick my cat up after a stay of a week or more, she doesn't feel stressed.  If there are any issues or problems, I get an email or phone call. The staff is friendly and attentive. Plus they make sure to capture any specifics on feeding schedules, medications, etc. and pin it to the cage. I feel very comfortable leaving my kitty here when we travel.
  • Hi Dean! Thank you for leaving such a nice review about us. We love it when you drop Missy off. She is such a sweetie. She definitely loves going into the playpen and hanging out on the top shelf. Thanks again and we hope you had a nice Christmas/Holiday and that the New Year  brings you peace and happiness!

Elvira V.
Laguna Niguel, CA
0 friends
4 reviews
This is truly THE BEST hotel for cats! Thanks to the wonderful people who work there, my kitten was well fed, cared for and got plenty of attention and love while I was away on vacation. Erin, Kayla and others always made sure that I received daily updates with cute photos of my kitten that brightened my days. Thank you, ladies, God bless your hearts!
  • Hi Elvira! I'm glad you had a good experience with us! I'm also glad Erin and Kayla made you feel comfortable leaving your sweet furbaby in our care. Thanks for the nice review, and God Bless you as well!

Olivia N.
Laguna Niguel, CA
597 friends
10 reviews
Had to leave my 3 month old kitten for the weekend and she was so loved and had a ball. Will definitely bring her back and highly recommend.
  • Hi Olivia! We loved having Callie with us! Like I mentioned in a previous response we love having kittens come in! Their energy brings smiles to everyone who sees them! Working with cats definitely makes the work days fun.

Photo of Karen G.

Karen G.
Lake Forest, CA
0 friends
17 reviews
4 photos
My cat was well taken care of at "Cats Luv Us".  I am so happy that I found a great place for her so that I can feel comfortable leaving her when I go out of town, knowing that she is being cared for so well.  Everyone there loves cats just as much as I do.
  • Karen you are absolutely correct that we LOVE cats! And thank you for your positive review. We are happy that you found us and that you were comfortable boarding her while you were away! We hope to see you soon.
Photo of Brooke M.
Brooke M.
Mission Viejo, CA
43 friends
20 reviews
4 photo

Boarded our 2 cats for the first time ever since our house was being tented for termites. The staff was so wonderful and caring. Even discovered & treated our cats flea problem that we were unaware of! They even text us a picture of our cats so we could see that they were doing great. Highly recommend!

  • Thanks Brooke, we appreciate the kind words. We are also happy that you had a good experience with us. Sorry that they had fleas, we noticed that this year was pretty bad for them. The hot weather here makes it ideal for fleas and unfortunately makes it a part of pet life in California. Hopefully they didn't come back, and that your furbabies are doing well!
Photo of Brittany S.
Brittany S.
Dana Point, CA
37 friends
29 reviews

Cats Luv US Boarding Hotel is one of the best establishments I've come across! Their customer service from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave is incredible. They make you feel completely comfortable that your pet is in the best care while you are away. They also have an amazing bird viewing cage so the cats can enjoy. Thank you for such excellent service, Cats Luv US!

  • Thanks Brittany, it's always nice to hear that we made you happy. And yes the kitties really do like looking at the birds. It's really funny to watch them and see their jaws quiver and chirp at them lol
Photo of SB T.
Mission Viejo, CA
202 friends
26 reviews
4 photos
We left our cat Maxwell here for several days while we were on vacation, and it went great! They gave him his medicine, sent me updates and photos, and he had a spacious area gazing at the birds. Very highly recommend! Will use them again for sure!
  • We are so glad that you brought Maxwell into us. We are also glad that you had a good experience with us. I have two cats that need medication and I know how concerning it can be leaving them somewhere and hoping they will be okay, especially with health issues. Thanks for the wonderful review.
Photo of Elle H.
Elle H.
Santa Clara County, CA
59 friends
46 reviews
Much better place then pet smart for your kitty..mine seem to like it much better..although she was happy to be home lol
  • Hi Elle! I agree with you, cats are happier at home. However, I am pleased that you had a good experience with us and hope you'll use our services in the future. Sometimes it's better to board your cat where there are no dogs around for them to hear barking. But thanks for the 5 star review, it's greatly appreciated.
Photo of Jim J.
Jim J.
Dana Point, CA
0 friends
2 reviews
We Love this place. This was our 2nd time using "Cats Luv Us" . While on vacation the staff would send us pictures of our Lucy having fun. It was a very great feeling knowing our cat was in such great hands. "HIGHLY" recommend Cats Luv Us to any any every one who needs a Safe, Clean and homey place for their cats to stay.
The Jenks Family & Lucy
  • Thanks Jim, glad we make you, Lori,  and Lucy happy. And glad that you are comfortable with us to keep bringing her back. It's a comfort to find someone you trust to watch your cat and thank you for feeling that way about us.
Photo of Dominique S.
Dominique S.
Aliso Viejo, CA
87 friends
4 reviews
3 photos

Dropped off my furry princess Ivy here for a week while I was on vacation a couple weeks ago. It was my first time away from her and I was very nervous. They were AMAZING! She was fed, groomed, snuggled, and even had time out of her kennel to stretch and play! Not only was she well loved and taken care of while I was gone, they even texted me daily pictures and updates! There's a huge aviary in the center of the room so all the cats can watch the birds fly around and chirp. If you're a crazy cat mom like me, this is the perfect place for your baby to go. The pricing was SO affordable, and for that peace of mind I would have gladly paid triple. Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of my fur baby!

  • Thanks Dominique for trusting us with your Princess Ivy! She is a very sweet girl, and it was fun to watch her by the birds. I understand how nerve racking it can be to leave your furbaby and go on vacation. I have three at home and I always feel better to have the girls text me pictures of them while we are away.

We boarded our kitty with Cats Luv Us again. And our experience was just as wonderful. Plus, we noticed again, even more than before, how happy he is with them, as well. He is perfectly content to be dropped off there. And when we pick him up, he's happy, well-adjusted, and affectionate. He actually seems to come back a better cat. How is that even possible?

Thanks, Cats Luv Us. We humans love you, too.
  • Thanks Lowell! We love having Riddick with us. He's such a cool cat! He loves the playpen and is such a chill relaxed guy to have a round. It definitely makes our job easier when he's here! 
12/29/2018 (Previous review)

This place is wonderful! I had to board my two cats at the last minute and they were more then happy to take my boys in! This was the first time I've boarded my cats and they were super helpful and reassuring.

The facility itself is cozy and clean. There's a huge aviary right in the middle where the cats are kept. My cats were quick relax and when it came time to bring them home they were as happy as ever. I can't recommend this place enough!
  • Hi Elisabeth, I'm glad we were able to help you out and that you had a good experience with us. That was kind of you to leave such a nice review. I know your fubabies stay wasn't that long, but it was great that they were so relaxed and comfortable with us! Thanks again.

Love this Kitty Hotel!!! Great staff!! The environment is great.  Highly recommend this hotel!

  • Awe thanks Bridget, what a nice thing to say. We are happy that you trusted us with Oscar. Hope to see you soon!

Very cozy and clean hotel for cats. Our girl had spent 10 days there and felt good. The idea of cages with birds that cats can stare at is brilliant! Other than that, the owner of the hotel truly loves animals and is an extremely nice and caring person.

  • Thanks Vadim for such a nice review. It always makes me happy when we can make your cat's stay as comfortable as possible, and that you put your trust in us with your furbaby!

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