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Cat Grooming Services Orange County, CA:  The Benefits and Importance of Cat Grooming Using Cats Luv Us

Your cat deserves the royal treatment. Not only do they think they’re royal, their bodies really do need lots of attention. We’ve got your cat grooming services covered here at Cats Luv Us.

The Basics of Grooming

Cats are pretty good natural groomers. They love to chill out in the sun by the windows licking their fur. They enjoy their little routine of a nice bath and beauty update. Cat’s also get rid of any other animal odors by grooming themselves. Cats don’t like to be dirty. They want that coat shiny, and they keep it shiny by grooming and evenly distributing their natural oils. At Cats Luv Us we step in to do the grooming that your cat just can’t do themselves. They get the royal spa treatment of grooming they deserve when they come to visit us.

The Importance of Cat Grooming

Cats naturally do a great job at grooming themselves, but there’s some things that just can’t do on their own. It’s important they are checked for fleas on a weekly basis. If you don’t notice fleas before they begin to multiply, your entire house can be infested. Then you have to deal with both your cat and your home getting rid of fleas. It isn’t a pretty picture.

Mats often sneak up on you. Matted fur is painful and hard to manage once it gets out of control. It’s important to schedule a vet appointment if you find any problems with your cat’s skin. Many times the fur covers up the skin making it hard to see issues before they really become a problem.

Just like people, cats can have skin problem areas. It is often hard because of the thickness of fur to know if your cat is gaining or losing weight. This is important to check so you know if they are healthy. Though a cat’s nails may fall out on their own from time to time, they cannot trim their own nails. Even though they groom themselves, a cat still needs to be brushed weekly. This is also an important way to interact with your kitten. They love positive interaction.

Inside vs. Outside Cat

All cats need the grooming experience. If you have an outside cat, grooming is imperative to their health. They roll around in dirt, feces and all sorts of things. They’re more susceptible to fleas and ticks. Their hair gets matted and tangled by dirt. Indoor cats may be a little spoiled with their pillows and beds, but they still can’t get themselves totally clean. They can’t help their growing claws, crazy long hair and/or gunk on their teeth. Even the cat that’s the most obsessed with grooming can’t get themselves totally clean. It’s sort of like a person that still needs to go the dentist, hairstylist and doctor. We all need a little help to keep in tip top health.

Cat Grooming Orange County CA Services Offered

If your cat needs a little love and care with grooming, we have all sorts of services. We offer:

  • Ear Cleaning
  • Soiled Fur Cleaning
  • Bathing with Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry Options
  • Thorough Brushing
  • Dematting
  • Haircut or Trim
  • Flea Bath
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Paw balm
  • Nail Trimming

Here’s more information about some of our services for your beloved pet.

Ear Cleaning

Some cats are wonderful at cleaning out their ears while others cannot get out the debris. It’s important to keep their ears clean for fear of ear mites or infection. If you see wax or dirt in their ear, it’s time to get those ears cleaned. If your cat gets an ear infection, it’s important to get to the vet to reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Cat Bathing

If you’ve ever seen photos of wet cats, you know they don’t usually look that thrilled about their bath. The truth is that a bath stresses out some kitty cats. Overall a bath isn’t usually recommended or even required for cats. A bath is needed for a feline when they get into something that needs removed from their fur. It’s important to use a mild shampoo in this case. Cats need warm water so they can get used to it. You must bathe them in a small area so they can’t easily run away. Be careful as they may try to bite or scratch you because, again, most aren’t thrilled about the idea of being doused by water. If their skin becomes irritated easily, it’s important to use a prescribed cleanser.

Flea Bath

We hate to even mention fleas. They’re creatures that love to latch on to all pets. We get rid of these with a flea bath. Just like a normal bath, cats aren’t happy to jump in a flea bath. We use special treatments to rid of these horrible little pests. The treatments can kill both fleas, their eggs and their larvae. We won’t let a cat leave our hotel with a living flea. This is something we have to take control of as soon as you spot a flea. Once you have one flea, you could have thousands lurking in your home just ready to pounce on your pets.

Trimming Your Cat’s Claws

Kitty claws can be daunting. It’s a challenge to cut them because they’re sharp and they move fast. It’s important to know the best and safest ways to trim those nails. Cats usually like to be held, but will pull away quickly as you approach their nails. You don’t want to cause them stress.

You can buy specialized cat nail clippers, but make sure you know how to use them in the proper way. A cat’s nail is very detailed. It actually contains what is called the cat’s “quick.” A quick delivers their blood supply to the nail. If you trim the cat’s nail at the quick, expect it to bleed a lot. The quick will recede as the tip of the nail is trimmed down.

The best way to trim the nail is to trim the tip top of the nail itself. You then wait a few days for the quick to recede. Then you trim the tip of the nail again. You can repeat this a few times if the nails are long. Odds are, you’re going to get scratched a few times along the way until you know how to truly handle the cat. This is something that is usually best left to a professional.

Cat Hair Trimming

Many cats have hair that gets matted and tangled. It’s difficult to get these issues out without bringing in a professional. These tangles do need to come out. Some groomers will actually give your cat a lion cut. This is popular with long haired cats where just the body is shaved off. Their “manes,” hair around their legs and tail is left. Many times cats are put under anesthesia for this because they do not like anyone that near their hair cutting it. Even regular trimming involves specialized trimmers that might make cats startled or even traumatized.


Felines have hair that seems to mat and tangle easily. Some cats, just like people, have different types of hair. Some have hair that mats easily while others have hair that never mats. Once it gets tangled in a mess, it’s often hard to get it out without a haircut. These mats can be painful and a nuisance to cats. Especially if your cat likes to groom themselves, mats throughout the hair aren’t a welcome fit. These mats also hold more dirt and debris filled with germs. A cat’s overall health isn’t at its maximum point if they have mats. We have a special process to get rid of these tangles without hurting your pet. Sometimes brushing will get these mats out, but usually it’s a deeper process. Don’t try to rip these out at home. Your cat won’t like that very much.

Trim Fur Pads

Sometimes the fur between the cat’s pads on their feet needs a trim. It can get painful and/or bother them. Dirt and debris easily collects on the pads so it’s best to trim the fur back to alleviate this stress.

Thorough Brushing

We don’t take a human hairbrush and put it through your pet’s hair. We work with a special kitty hairbrush to put your cat at ease. Our Cat Groomers thoroughly brush them with sweet strokes ridding of their tangles and helping to spread their natural oils through the skin. They usually love this the most. Most cats love being brushed. They feel at ease and like they’re being pampered. Just like most humans, most cats could almost fall asleep when being brushed.

Teeth Brushing

It’s very difficult to brush your cat’s teeth at home. They aren’t usually too excited about letting people in their mouth. It’s important to brush their teeth at the groomers with a special kitty brush to maintain their dental health and prevent gum disease. It’s important to start this task as early as possible in your cat’s life so they get used to someone brushing their teeth.

Full Service Cat Grooming Services

We have many full service cat grooming services at Cats Luv Us. We offer packages that include:

A Nail Trim
Bathing and Brushing
A certified cat groomer
A professional groomer’s cat haircut
Ear Cleaning

Tips For Grooming Your Cat At Home

Between grooming sessions at Cats Luv Us, you can work on your pet at home. Don’t try to outdo the professionals, but you can keep up with regular maintenance of grooming. Give your cat lots of love as you do these things.

A grooming session shouldn’t be a punishment to you or your cat. Schedule these sessions when your cat is relaxed and happy. It’s best after it has eaten or exercised so it isn’t as easily irritated. The biggest deal about grooming is to make it a positive experience for your cat so they don’t think they have done something wrong.

You should start your grooming session with a short window of about five minutes. Pet the kitty as you groom each area so they begin to incorporate happiness with grooming. Remember to stay patient as most cats won’t be welcome to the grooming process at first. Love on them as much as possible so they understand you aren’t doing this because you are angry with them.

They usually love being brushed so that might be their favorite part. A simple brushing will remove dirt and debris from their skin. Their natural oils can easily spread throughout their coat. Long haired cats need to be combed a few times a week. This keeps their hair from matting and tangling. If you’re able to trim their nails, you should try to do it once a week. If you notice any irregularities in their skin while grooming, it’s important to contact your veterinarian right away.

About Cats Luv Us

Our boarding hotel has been family owned and operated for more than 20 years. Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel provides long term cat boarding and short term cat sitting. You can leave your feline friend for a long weekend to get in all of their good grooming, or you could just leave them a few hours to get pampered. We are used to all different kinds of cat personalities so we won’t be turned off if your pet isn’t excited about being groomed. We will help them feel as comfortable as possible with our experienced technicians. Your kitty will only get the best care. They’ll leave looking prettier than ever and feeling healthier than before they walked in the door.

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The  Cat Fanciers Association recommends regular grooming.

It’s important you schedule an appointment with your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your cat’s skin. If they aren’t keeping up with their usual grooming between coming to visit us, contact us. Our staff is available to take your call at (949) 582-1732. You can also find more information at We promise our cat grooming Orange County CA will work with you to keep your cat healthy, sanitary and clean!