Top 5 Reasons Pet Boarding At Cats Luv Us Is Safer For Your Cat and Cheaper For Your Wallet

At Cats Luv Us, we understand the important place your cats hold in your heart. When you can’t be there for them, you need a place you can trust that offers high-quality pet boarding and plenty of TLC for the furry member of your family.

Check out the top five reasons you should consider Cats Luv Us for your pet boarding needs.

1.Personalized attention – We know that every cat is different and has different needs. We get to know your cat(s) and understand what they need to help them feel comfortable and happy while in our care. If you are boarding more than one cat with us, we even offer adjoining hotel rooms so that your cats remain comfortable and supported while away from home.

2.A loving staff – Our staff is here not only for your cats, but you too. We know as owners, you have questions and concerns. You want to know that your cats are handled in the most loving way, but that we are also aware of any issues or concerns you have. We are always here to answer your questions, give you updates, or just give you the reassurance that your cats are doing well while in our care.

3.Keep your privacy – When you bring your cat to us, we keep him or her in our beautiful cat hotel. You don’t have to worry about having your nosy neighbor or worse yet, nosey mother-in-law, poking around your house. Instead, your cats stay in our top-of-the-line cat hotel where they have beautiful accommodations, exceptional care, and you don’t have to worry about giving up your privacy.

4.We cost less than cat sitters – Let’s face it, pet sitters are a novelty. They want to be paid for their time coming to your home, caring for your pet, and worrying about him/her in your absence. When you trust us with your pet boarding, you will have a lot more money in your wallet, because we offer the most competitive prices in the area along with top quality accommodations that make your cat feel like royalty.

5.Your cat will play – When you leave your cat at home with a cat sitter, the sitter may or may not engage with your cat. At our pet boarding facility, your cats get ample playtime alone or with other cats. We have a large playroom as well as the latest cat toys available that ensure your cat’s enjoyment and engagement in your absence.

If you are looking for pet boarding options for your cat, consider Cats Luv Us. You will love our accommodations as much as your cat does as well as the reassurance that your cat will be well cared for around-the-clock. We want you to go on your vacation or take care of your business without letting one worry take over about your cat’s wellbeing. We are here to help you and your cat – contact us today!

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