Sometimes we feel like we can’t leave home because there is no long term cat boarding solution near by that we are aware of.  You’ve never heard of a place where cat experts can watch your cat for the long term.  

Whether you’re going away for a quick weekend getaway or a long business trip, you need a long term cat boarding solution that you can trust. Well, you’ve found exactly the right place!

Below are the top 11 reasons why Cats-Luv-Us is the best long term cat boarding you’ll find in the Orange County area.

1. Our First Priority is To Earn Our Customers and Our Cat’s Trust

Like their parents, Cat’s are very careful creatures and they build up trust over the long term. We make sure to let your cat come to us and enjoy our facilities, and we are careful not to touch or pet until they trust us.

Our family owned cat boarding hotel has been operating for over 20 years and proudly boasts a 5-start rating from all our customers. Read more about us here!

About Cats Luv Us

2. Plenty of Space & Lots of Toys

We know cats love to run around and have space to play. Our extra large playrooms are perfect for your cat as they can explore and have fun discovering the little climbing ladders and hanging toys.

3. A Place to Own His Territory

Cats are very territorial, and they like to have a place they can own. We make this possible with high perches, comfy chairs and many areas for your cat to claim his territory.

4. Gourmet Dining/Daily Treats

Your cat deserves daily treats and the best dining. Food and drink are an important part of keeping a cat happy and healthy, so we offer the best gourmet dining and daily treats.

5. We Keep it Clean & Fresh at our Cat Boarding facility

We make sure the food and water bowls are always clean and fresh, as cats are very clean animals. After every meal, we clean the food bowl and make sure they always have fresh water. And of course, clean litter boxes every day.

6. Our Cat Sitters Refresh Soft Blankets In Wicker Baskets

In our perfectly clean rooms the cats are also gifted with fresh linens and super soft blankets in comfy wicker baskets. We all know how much a cat loves to snuggle into a comfy basket, so we have them everywhere.

7. Play, Play & More Play

Cats need daily play or they become because lonely or irritable. Often times our staff takes turns with us in the playpens every few days to just read or do a crossword puzzle while they sit with us. Cat’s love quality time, and that’s what we give them.

8. Pick Up & Delivery

If you let us know when you’re leaving and arriving from your trip, we can arrange pick up and delivery. You won’t need to worry about bring your cat to us in your busy schedule, we’ll take care of it for you.

9. On Call Vet & Medication administration

Our on call vet has 30 years of experience and we handle administering medicines and vaccinations. If there are ever any problems, we are here ready to look after the health of your cat.

10. Grooming & Nail clipping on request

Cats need regular grooming and cleaning, and if needed, we can provide nail clipping too. Cats will often shred furniture or break a claw when a sharp tip gets caught on the carpet. We are here to make sure that never happens.

11. Bird Watching & Cat Naps

There’s something about cats and bird watching that just go together. Every afternoon we look at the birds and dream with your cat. We spend time every day to let your cat watch the birds and take plenty of cat naps.

That’s it for the top 11 reasons why Cats-Luv-Us is the best long term cat boarding hotel you’ll ever find.

Our sole goal is to make your cat as happy, calm and comfortable while they stay with us. If you’re interested in coming for a tour to see the facility click here, or click the link below to make a reservation today. 

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Additional information: If you are thinking about boarding your cat please make sure that they are up to date on their FVRCP vaccinations.