FACT: Cats and dogs should not be mixed together in pet boarding hotel.  The best place for your cat is a cats only cat boarding facility when you are traveling or your home is under construction is at a cats only boarding facility.

Do no board your cat where they can smell dogs, hear dogs, or see dogs.  It will stress them out and it can cause serious health problems.

Stressed out cats wont eat, drink, and poop. Cats should always be cared for in a different boarding facility.

Make sure to do your research and be sure that your cat will feel similarly to the homeliness and serene surroundings that they experience in their own home.

Here is Why Kats Only Cat Bo

arding Is Less Stressful For Your Cat

Kats Only Cat Boarding is safer for your cat and less stressful on their nerves.

Why is Kats Only Cat Boarding Less Stressful For Your Cat?

Here are some more facts about cat boarding:

You may not want to risk leaving your cat home alone even if its just for a few days.

Wondering why?  First of all cats are curious, mischievous, and can get into serious trouble why you are away.  We have all seen tons of cat meme’s with cats hanging from blinds – trapped (or even hurt) until their owners return.  Heck, we have had our own cat lock themselves in the bathroom and wrapped in toilet paper!

What if your cat knocks over their water dish and it spills on the floor. Over the time of a few days or more the water will dry up leaving your cat without anything to drink.

Also, cats are social animals and being left alone with a strange cat sitter can be stressful for a cat.  It has been found that cats can feel weird when they are left alone for a ling time.

Be a responsible cat parent and investigate all of your options other than leaving your cat home alone.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Cats only cat boarding visit the Cat Fanciers Association at https://cfa.org/

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