Peace of Mind: 3 Things to Look For in a Pet Sitting Service

Whether you work long hours or you’re heading out of town for a few days, leaving your furry friend is never easy. You want the peace of mind that they will be taken care of, which is why many people choose to enlist a pet sitting service.

Pet sitters not only provide fresh food and water for your pet. They also provide much-appreciated companionship that can ease your pet’s anxiety and boredom while you’re away.

When choosing a pet sitting service, you’ll want to prioritize these three things:

1. Experience with Animals

Experience goes a long way in pet sitting, especially if your sitter has experienced with your particular type or breed of pet. Someone who owns pets may be more qualified than someone who doesn’t. Also, any type of experience in animal behavior can help them to know if a problem arises that needs attention.

2. A Desire to Bond with Your Pet

It’s true that no one will love your pet the way you do, but a good pet sitter will try to be the next best thing. Pet sitters should love the animals in their care and want to get to know your four-legged friend. The hallmark of a good pet sitter is one that your pet gets excited to see!

3. Good Communication

If you miss your pet when you’re away, the right pet sitter can provide relief. Your pet sitter provide updates on your pet, some of them will even let you FaceTime them so you can see they’re in good hands.

And if something were to go wrong, you can rest assured you’ll be the first to know about it.

Where to Find Pet Sitting Services Near You

At Cats Love Us Cat Boarding Hotel , we’ve dedicated our entire business to the comfort of your pets. We treat all of our guests like they’re our own furry friends, offering both short-term petting sitting and overnight boarding to keep your pet safe and happy until you return.

Our sole goal is to make your cat as happy, calm and comfortable while they stay with us. If you’re interested in coming for a tour to see the facility click here, or click the link below to make a reservation today.

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