Here are 4 reasons why I believe that Cat Luv Us Boarding Hotel is the best cat kennel near me. – By Sophie J.

These days, a lot of people cancel their holiday trips because of their cats; traveling with them can be so tedious. Normally, a cat kennel is the perfect solution to this problem, but most people find it difficult to leave their pets at cat kennels due to the incompetence of some of these boarding catteries. It’s true that there are bad cat kennels, but excellent ones exist as well! I would recommend Cat Luv Us Boarding Hotel. They are the best cat kennel near me because they keep cats safe, happy and healthy. They also understand what it takes to look after a cat. 

1) They Ensure That Your Cat Doesn’t Escape Their Cat Kennel

This may sound trivial, but the truth is, cats can escape if a kennel is not built strongly or managed properly. At Cat Luv Us Boarding Hotel, individual cat units are constructed to be safe and are managed properly, so that cats can hardly find holes or gaps through which they can squeeze. Cats are very fast; they can easily get away when someone opens the door with food. To reduce the possibility of this happening, the Cats Luv Us cat kennel ensures that the doors are always shut. With this, the cat remains secure and cannot go out.

2) They Keep Your Cat Warm And Comfortable in Large Cat Kennel’s and Cozy Beds

It’s perfectly fine if you want your cat to just stay indoors. However, engaging your cat in an outdoor run (in such a way that they can’t escape) can result in lots of health benefits – the fresh air provides better ventilation which in turn eliminates odors and infective organisms in the air. Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel is the best cat kennel because in each unit, there’s a cozy bed, and a heater in case it gets cold.

3) They Sanitize Their Cat Kennel’s With Each Use

Viral and bacterial diseases can be spread easily when there are so many cats gathered in one place. These pathogenic microorganisms will quickly migrate from one cat to the other, at the slightest opportunity. It could be through grooming, droplets from sneezes, through bites, through contact with faeces, or from shared food-bowls. Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel has a well-designed cat kennel that prevents the spread of diseases. Individual cat units are situated alongside each other but are separated by an impermeable barrier. With this, the cats are not able to touch themselves. Also, the cat kennel is regularly cleaned and disinfected to avoid the growth of microorganisms.

4) They Feed Your Cat Te Same Food You Do At Home

Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel feeds your cat the same food you give it at home. If your cat is on a special diet or likes a lot of fresh food, you’ll have to make provision for that, as you bring your pet to the cat kennel. The staff will carefully observe your cat, to see if it is feeding appropriately.

Our sole goal is to make your cat as happy, calm and comfortable while they stay with us. If you’re interested in coming for a tour to see the facility click here, or click the link below to make a reservation today. 

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