I took a few minutes one evening to introduce us and our cats to you. Lilly, Henri, and Amber are all about 1 1/2 to 2 years old and enjoying life so much. Lilly is always in motion; running, galloping, jumping, playing with bags and toys. Amber, our black kitty, is extremely affectionate and intelligent. She loves to be with us every moment and purrs the moment we touch her. Henri is the tabby cat with stripes that look like a tigers except that they are grey/black and white stripes. He may have been abused before we rescued him, but is starting to verbalize and talk a great deal. He loves to watch and eat and has gradually started to play with string toys. He didn’t know what play was and bit us if we touched him at first. Now he accepts touch readily and bobs his head as a greeting to us. He’s the one that gets up on our chests when we sleep and kisses us on the cheek then licks our noses. He will be a character as we gradually bring him out. Mary and I both say hi at the end of the tape.