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Funny Crazy Cat new 2021 | The Fool
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This video compilation will make you laugh (or, even better, make you angry) with the funniest clips of cats behaving badly. You’ll see them stealing food, knocking stuff over, scratching stuff up, and more. Don’t forget to subscribe for more!
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What’s up, humans?! In this installment of “cute cats”, we’re going to show you some cats that are just a little bit angry! Cats have a lot of emotions and this one is super mad. Watch as these angry kittens hiss at their owner for ruining their nap time. You can tell they’re feeling a little bit vengeful because they won’t even acknowledge the camera.
How dare they try to catch a cat on camera!
This is a compilation of funny cats making you laugh. I hope you enjoy this video and don’t forget to share it with your friends!
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Here are some funny cats to make you laugh! We love all the funny videos of cats on the internet, but these are definitely the funniest ones. Funny cat videos are hilarious, and I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!
Cats can be grumpy and hilarious! Here’s a compilation of some of the funniest cat moments on YouTube!
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