Looking For The Best Cat Grooming Service? Here are 6 reasons to use Cats Luv Us Cat Boarding & Cat Grooming in the city of Laguna Niguel in Orange County, CA

1. Certain Medical Conditions that Require Special Care

There are certain medical conditions in cats such as feline diabetes that can cause cats to have a greasy coat. Cats with diabetes will benefit from a thorough bath to remove that grease. Also, cats who suffer from arthritis may have difficulty grooming themselves properly and will certainly benefit from a kitty spa day.

2. Cats with Mobility Issues will Benefit from professional Cat Grooming Services

Cats who have mobility issues, those who are overweight, have lost or damaged a limb, or who are inflexible due to age, might not be able to reach their back ends or underbellies. If they are not given help with grooming, they can develop a condition called skin-fold dermatitis.

3. Cats Suffering from Allergies

For a cat suffering from allergies, getting a good bath can help soothe skin irritations. A bath given by a professional Cat Grooming Service with specialty hypoallergenic shampoos will help remove dander and the irritating allergens that are causing problems. Professional services such as cat grooming orange county ca, offered by Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel, are experienced with providing the best products for cats with allergies.

4. Trimming a Cat’s Nails May be Difficult

Depending on your cat’s personality, trimming his or her nails may be a bit tricky. Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed is an important part of their grooming. If you can’t do it yourself you should take advantage of Cats Luv Us Cat Grooming Service

Nail trimming is important because if not trimmed, a cat can suffer from broken or ingrown nails. For those not comfortable trimming their own cat’s nails, a groomer is a great option.

5. Cats with Long Hair May have Matting

For long-haired breeds like Maine Coons, Persians, or Himalayans, you might want to consider cat grooming services on a regular basis. Unless you groom your cat at home meticulously, they will develop mats.

Mats will prevent a cat from being able to keep himself well-groomed. The areas under those mats may be prone to dermatitis. It is recommended that cats in this category get grooming services every two to four weeks.

6. Professional Groomers May Spot Health Problems

Professional groomers like Cats Luv Us are comfortable handling and grooming your cat. Their personal and thorough handling of your pet may lead to the discovery of skin problems, suspicious lumps, dental problems or other health issues. If any of these issues are discovered by your groomer, make an appointment with your vet immediately.

Common Questions About Cat Grooming

Vetstreet has answers for some of the most common questions cat owners have about taking their cat to a groomer.

Question: Why do cats need baths?

Answer: While cats are known to be meticulous groomers, even cats are prone to illness and depression. Sometimes their allergies will make them not feel well enough to keep up with the rigors of self-grooming. In these cases, a cleansing bath by a professional will make your cat feel better and help restore his or her health.

In addition, you might have a family member or company coming to stay with you that is allergic to cat dander. Giving your cat a bath can reduce the dander and help those with allergies to cats fell better while in your home.

Question: Can grooming help with hairball problems?

Answer: Cat who groom avidly, especially those who shed a lot or have long hair, can swallow fur. This can turn into a hairball, known as a trichobezoar, which lodges in the digestive tract. Hopefully, the hairball will come up or it may need to be surgically removed.

The best prevention for this problem is to brush your cat every day or make regularly scheduled appointments at the groomer. A professional groomer like Cats Luv Us may make the recommendation to trim or shave the hair to help with the hairball issue.

Question: Can’t I safely trim my own cat’s nails?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to trim your own cat’s nails without getting scratched. This is possible if you train your cat with this process at a young age and you are physically capable. For those that adopt older cats who are not comfortable with this process, bringing the cat to a groomer may be better for both of you.

If you don’t have anyone to help you trim your cat’s nails, or you are elderly, you may want to consider leaving the nail trimming to a groomer.

Question: Can a human hairbrush be used on a cat?

Answer: Human hairbrushes will only be effective on the top coat of a cat. It will not reach the undercoat. In the case of long-haired cats, this will not be effective against matting. If the dead undercoat hair is not brushed away, matting will get worse.

A professional cat groomer can clean and groom your cat and recommend the right products so you can continue the grooming regimen at home. If you get behind on the grooming and mats, it will be difficult for a normal cat owner to return the coat to good shape.

Question: Can dog shampoo be used on my cat?

Answer: Generally, dog shampoos should not be used on a cat. There are certain formulas that can be unhealthy for cats, even if they contain natural ingredients. A vet or groomer can recommend the best cat shampoos for your cat.

Additional Reasons for Considering a Cat Groomer

Catster is a website developed for cat owners. Catster feels that cats really don’t groom, they lick themselves. They believe there is a big misconception about these terms.

Catster feels that some cat owners believe that because a cat licks himself, he is clean. They may see their cat every day and not realize that the cat’s coat is not as healthy or fluffy as it could be, and it may even be dirty and matted underneath.

Products like shampoos, and instruments and tools that trim, shorten, and clean a cat’s coat is actually grooming. A cat’s tongue and saliva do nothing more than move dirt around.

By allowing a cat to lick greasy, dirty, germ-ridden hair, the cat will ingest this hair which leads to hairballs. Besides the problem of regurgitating hairballs on rugs and the kitchen floor, bacteria from the litter box, floors, and bathrooms are added to the germ mix, making an ungroomed cat not very hygienic.

Professional groomers are trained to work with all cats, even if they are a bit cranky. However, not all groomers provide the same quality of care and grooming. Pet grooming is not a regulated industry so do your homework and read the reviews and credentials before selecting your groomer.

Professional Vets like the Naperville Animal Hospital agree that cats are not fans of water and the idea of bathing your own cat may be overwhelming.

They feel that taking a cat to a professional groomer can have positive results and your cat may even enjoy the touch of a professional cat groomer. They also agree that a grooming session by a professional will help identify issues a cat owner may not notice like parasites, skin issues, lumps, and the need for nail trimming.

Suggestions for Grooming at Home

Pets WebMd has an informative article on cat grooming based on the recommendations of veterinarians from the ASPCA. Vets understand that even though cats are fastidious, your cat will look and feel better if properly groomed. If you don’t have the time or ability to groom your cat regularly, consider reputable groomers like Cats Luv Us to keep your cat healthy and happy.

In between visits to the groomer you can help keep your cat well-groomed by following good grooming advice.

• Keep grooming sessions enjoyable for both of you.

Perform grooming when your cat is relaxed, perhaps after a meal or exercising. Don’t try and groom your cat if you have had a stressful day and feel you may lose your temper. You want your pet to remember the grooming experience as a positive experience.

• Keep your first attempts at grooming short.

Make them only 10 to 15 minutes. When your cat is more comfortable with the process, then you can start to lengthen the grooming time. Handle your cat by petting every part of his body, including the belly, back, and ears. Pay special attention to the paws as this will help when it comes time to trim the nails.

• If things are not going well, don’t let the grooming get to the point where you and the cat are stressed out.

Resume the session when everyone is a bit calmer. Don’t skimp on positive praise and try offering treats for good behavior. Do anything you can to make the experience end on a positive note.

• Regular brushing will help remove dirt and help spread oil naturally through the coat.

It will also help with tangles and promote healthy skin. Your cat will be more likely to enjoy a trip to the groomer if there are fewer knots and mats for the groomer to work through.

• If you have a short-haired cat, brush him once a week.

Use a metal comb to work through the fur starting at the head and brushing to the tail. Next, use a rubber or bristle brush to remove loose hair. Remember to be gentle around the belly and chest.

• Longer-haired cats need to be brushed daily.

Start by brushing the belly and legs as this is where most of the knots will be found. With long hair, brush the fur in an upward motion with the rubber or bristle brush. For the tail, part it down the middle and brush the fur out to each side.

• Consider having your long-haired cat professionally trimmed to help with the grooming process at home. A shorter, well-trimmed coat will be much easier to brush and care for.

Consider Cats Luv Us for Your Professional Grooming Needs

If you are looking for cat grooming Orange County Ca, look no further than Cats Luv Us. Family-owned for over 20 years, Cats Luv Us Boarding Hotel does a lot more than provide quality cat boarding and cat daycare. Their five-star reviews reveal just how happy customers are with their cat care services.

Bringing your cat to Cats Luv Us, you can rest assured your cat will be given loving and excellent care. The staff is carefully vetted to be competent and professional cat groomers. All questions and concerns will be addressed and you can even come and tour their amazing facilities before booking your cat a spa session.

Booking at Cats Luv Us

Cats Luv Us will help your cat be well-groomed, clean, feeling great and looking his best. Their Cats Luv Us Spa Packing includes the following grooming services:

• Nail clipping
• Paw pads trimmed
• Sanitary trim
• Brushing and mat and debris removal
• Rinsing and bathing
• Towel drying
• Face towel wash
• Ear Cleaning
• Final fluffing and brushing

At Cats Luv Us, you can also get your cat’s nails trimmed, ears cleaned, haircuts and trims, flea baths, teeth brushing and other cleaning and bathing services.

Check out their website for all the professional grooming services they can provide to keep your feline friend feeling clean, beautiful, and healthy.

Call and take a tour of the Cats Luv Us in Laguna Niguel, CA. Read the reviews of all the happy customers that bring their cat there regularly to keep their cats’ coats healthy, sanitary, and gorgeously fluffy. Remember, that even if your cat seems to be clean, a day at Cats Luv day spa is just what the vet ordered.